Pirames International is a web company which specializes in aggregating audio and video contents and distributing them to online digital stores and platforms.  The company was founded in July 2005 thanks to a grand passion for music and entertainment and in the desire to offer targeted and dynamic services to their clients, within a market scenario which has been completely revolutionized by the advent of the digital age, where the combination of music-optimization and information solutions is today one of the most important critical success factors.  Pirames International has therefore equipped itself with State-of-the-art computer systems in data security, management control and protection of rights.  It has accumulated considerable expertise in the management and optimization of content through digital and mobile stores, streaming platforms and social networks and has also integrated modern communication strategies on new media with traditional media: press, radio and tv.  In March 2010 it became the first aggregator in Italy to sign a Premium Partnership Agreement with YouTube, which aims to protect, enhance and provide new opportunities for the development and the monetization of audio and video content.  In November of 2011 it became, once again, the first aggregator in Italy to sign a direct agreement with Spotify aimed at monetizing through Ad supported streaming and On Demand.  In January 2012, once again, it became the first aggregator in Italy (and one of the first in Europe) to sign a direct agreement with Google to distribute on Google Play.


Pirames International currently cooperates with more than 200 labels (both Italian and international) and maintains a catalogue of almost 150.000 sound recordings, 70.000 videos content and hundreds of YouTube channels both entertainment and music.  Among the major labels with which it collaborates include: edel Italy, Joe&Joe, Bang Record, Aereostella, Saar, Target Music, Trident Records, Galletti Boston, Sounds of Life records, GiuniRussoArte, Verba Manent, Trepertre, etc.  As a consequences it distributes artists like: Moby, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, The Cranberries, The Cult, Duran Duran, Simply Red, JoJo, Mark Owen, Amanda Palmer, Secondhand Serenade, Tech N9ne, Three 6 Mafia, Molella, Prezioso, Masini, Paola&Chiara.