Distribution on +200 digital platforms

YouTube Monetization Ad Supported and Content ID

Fingerprinting & Music Library for Social Networks

Collecting and reporting of audio and video content uses through direct agreement with Local and International Collecting

Monitoring Pre-Release and Release

Evidences Acquisition and Legal Analisy (partnership with DCP)

Forced Takedown

Protection and Management of Digital Rights

Digital Playlisting

Promotion via Playlist of the main streaming services such as Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc …

Social Profile Certification and Artist Pages


Audience growth for YouTube Channels, Networking, Cross promotion, Fans engagement, Ad-supported premium, Copyright management, Sponsorship, Live streaming

Web Marketing

for Social Network like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc…

Web Graphic & Design

Creative services, Banners and customized graphics for social networks, Development of new product lines, Design of web campaigns

Traditional Promotion

Radio digital postcard, Press Releasing and Media Press