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The greatest italian music Artist and the entire PDU catalog since 2001, with 50 albums, till the latest new release “Ti amo come un pazzo”, in addition to the PDU video catalog, will be digitally distributed for Worldwide by Pirames International. 300 tracks and 700 videos of a legendary career, works of art also including unpublished recordings, tributes to great composers, duets and memorable remakes by Mina Mazzini.

An absolutely important decision taken by the great Artist and PDU in choosing the Italian Aggregator and the indie company with the best performance in the digital market, for a Worldwide repositioning of their catalogue.

The return of PDU catalog management in Italy represents an historical moment for the Italian music market and confirm, once again, the extraordinary feeling of the greatest Italian singer, able to conquer different generations but always remaining contemporary, renewing but without betraying herself and always looking at the future and to young artists, like her last choice to duet with Blanco in the single “Un Briciolo di Allegria”, a song able to climb over any generation gap, contemporary released by Universal and Pirames and also included in the Mina’s new album “Ti amo come un pazzo”.