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Pirames International LLC, a US company of Pirames Group, has been accepted as member of the the american Music Business Association. The organization, chaired by the President Portia Sabin, represents over than the 90% of the global music business community, and promote overall commercial growth and ensure the wellbeing of ALL industry professionals.

Pirames confirms its growth as one of the more relevant player in the music system at an international level, bringing his voice, his role and his knowledge within a global consensus, which includes the main segments of the global music business: label & distibutors, music streaming, retail & wholesale, publishers & pros, rights management & metadata, artist managers, tech & startups.

As member of the Music Business Association, Pirames Group, which represents an Italian excellence in the worldwide digital music market, becomes part of a global college of professionals and will give his contribution in those rooms activated by the the organization and in which the important conversations that shape the future of our industry will take place.

Portia Sabin: We are excited to welcome Pirames International to the Music Biz community!  With the music business becoming a truly global marketplace over the last several years, we’re so grateful for the opportunity to facilitate education on industry issues and networking between our hundreds of international members.  Pirames International is an important part of the Italian industry and we’re so pleased to welcome them to our community!

Federico Montesanto: Music Business Association is a modern organization which have had the capability, before than anyone else in the World, to see the future of how a music association should be in the modern digital market, and was able to aggregate the entire music supply chain, users and rightsholder, producers and publishers, aggregators and DSPs, artists and big tech. We are very proud to have joined as member of the association and we are extremely grateful to Portia and his team for the amazing welcome they reserved to us.